The Application Process


Request an Application

If you're even the tiniest bit interested in becoming a NET Missionary, we recommend going ahead and filling out this short form. It take less than 3 minutes! It also let's us know who's interested so that we can get in touch with you to help guide you in your discernment. Once you've filled out the App Request, it'll direct you to a Dropbox folder where you can download the application & referral form!

Let's Do It! Step 1

Pray & Fill It Out!

Proper discernment requires two things: prayer & action. As you're going through the application, pray and ask Christ to help guide you and give you the words to answer the questions. Start with the sign of the cross before you even type your name on the application. Know that we're praying for you too!

Need a Prayer? Step 2

Send It In

Once you've completed your application, and you've sent the forms to your referrals (remember to fill out the top portion on that form!) send it in to and we'll take it from there.

Email It! Step 3


Once we got your application, we'll be setting up Interviews with our wonderful Interview Staff. They're friendly and they've all been in your position before so don't sweat it! One interview will be over Skype (because we love seeing your beautiful faces!) and the second interview will be at a DSA Retreat.

Step 4

Attend a DSA Retreat!

If you're a Canadian applicant, you get the privilege of attending this amazing 24-hour overnight retreat. You get to meet some NET Staff & Alumni, meet other young adults from your area who are also interested in NET, hear amazing talks, become equipped with tools for youth ministry and evangelization, and learn more about NET and its amazing mission.

More Info Step 5

Wait & Pray

Once you've finished both of your interviews, attended a DSA Retreat, we have your referrals, your interviewers will have everything they need to put your file in review! When your file is given to our Reviewer, we'll email you and within two weeks of that email date, you should hear from us what the final decision is! The reviewing period can take longer than two weeks, depending on various circumstances. In all situations, the Recruiting Department will email you to notify of any delays.

Step 6