General Questions

Q: Who can apply?

A: NET Canada considers, non-married, practicing Catholics between the ages of 18-30 for their program. Applicants must be at least turning 18 before the end of the September of the mission year that they are applying for (Ex. Billy is applying for the 2015-2016 mission year and he was born on September 27th, 1997. He is currently 17 but will turn 18 before he starts the ministry portion of the NET mission year.)

Q: When can I apply?

A: You may send in your application as early as November 1 for application of the following year. (Ex. If you would like to serve in 2015-2016, you can send in your application beginning November 1, 2014.) You may not apply two years in advance. This is because much can happen in a person’s life in one year and we need the most up-to-date information about our applicants as possible.

Q: Do I have to be Catholic?

A: Yes. Since NET missionaries ministers in Catholic schools and parishes, team members must be practicing Catholics.

Q: I'm from outside of Canada, can I still apply?

A: Yes but depending on border/visa conditions you may not be eligible to volunteer as a NET missionary and therefore be accepted. For anymore questions please contact the Recruiting Coordinator.

Training & Partnership

Q: How long is the NET year?

A: NET Missionaries serve from mid-August through mid-May each year. The exact dates vary by year. NET Missionaries who are invited to attend music training are asked to arrive 2 weeks earlier than the other team members.

Q: What's NET Training?

A: We have several periods of training during the NET year but our longest is Fall Training. The year starts with Fall Training and that lasts for 5 weeks, ending with Commissioning Mass in Ottawa. During the 5 weeks of training our NET Missionaries are formed on how to relate to God, ourselves, our team members, and finally how to do ministry. Within the 5 weeks of training, they will be assigned on to the teams they will be in for the rest of the NET year.

Q: How much does it cost to do NET?

A: It costs you nothing! Except for the application fee and travel costs to Ottawa, ON. NET does require each missionary to raise partnership funds.

Q: How much do I have to raise?

A: NET asks each team member to raise $6,500 (CAD) in partnership funds. Most team members have no difficulty doing so. If you are not able to raise your partnership prior to the start of training, NET will work with you for fundraising options. The partnership each team member raises is about 1/3 of what it costs NET to keep a team member on the road for a year. The rest of NET’s funding comes from retreat fees and organizational fundraising.

NET Life

Q: What will I be doing?

A: NET team members invite youth to have an encounter with Christ. How they go about doing that will depend on what type of ministry team that they are on. They will also receive 5-7 weeks of formation on faith, prayer, communication skills, Catholic teachings, and specialized ministry training before they are sent out to do ministry.

Q: What does the year look like?

A: NET team members must come to Ottawa for the beginning of Fall Training (end of August), unless they are invited to attend Music Training which begins two before Fall Training. NET teams are commissioned at the Commissioning Mass at the end of September, then sent out at the beginning of October to start their ministry work. NET team members will have a two-week break period in December for the Christmas holidays. The mission year ends with the Thanksgiving Mass (end of May). For specific dates please contact the Recruiting Coordinator.

Q: Can I request what type of team I'm on?

A: No. All applicants who get accepted to become a NET missionary must be open to whatever ministry team that they will be assigned to on their NET mission year. The staff takes in to consideration what type of team a team member would prefer, but through prayer and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each missionary they are able to building balanced dynamic teams.

Q: Will I be able to go home throughout the year for (insert reason here)?

A: If a NET team member has an event to attend (ex. weddings, funerals, etc.) they will be given permission to return home upon the approval of their Team Supervisor and the Program Director. Some conditions do apply and NET team members should not expect that they will be given permission in all circumstances.

The Application Process

Q: How do I get an application?

A: It's super easy! You just have to request it by filling out this Typeform. It takes less than 3 minutes to fill it out and once you complete it, you'll be taken to a Dropbox folder where you can download the Application & Referral Form.

Q: I requested an application but couldn't/forgot to download it.

A: Not a problem! Just shoot us an email at and we'll make sure you get one!

Q: Where do I get a referral form?

A: When you request an application, you are taken to a Dropbox folder at the end. You can find a referral form within that folder. If you missed it don't worry! Just email and we'll make sure you get one!

Q: When do I get interviewed?

A: If you are a Canadian resident, we must receive your completed application and 2 referrals and then you will attend the closest DSA Retreat to you. We will schedule one interview over Skype before the retreat and one interview face-to-face before the DSA Retreat begins. If you are an International applicant and you live in either USA, Australia, or Ireland, we will require you to meet some NET staff of that country (either through an Interview Retreat Weekend ora meeting arranged by the Recruiting Coordinator) and then once we receive your completed application and 3 referrals, two interviews will be scheduled by NET Canada staff over Skype. International applicants outside of those three countries will have two interviews scheduled by NET Canada staff over Skype once we've received your completed application and 3 referrals.

Q: When will I know if I got accepted or not?

A: Once your application & referral forms have been sent in to the Recruiting Team, interviews are done, you've gone to a DSA Retreat or arranged an alternative meeting with the Recruiting Team, you've done your part! The Recruiting Team and your interviewers will just dot the is and cross the ts of administrative forms on our end, then hand your file in to be reviewed by our Reviewing staff. We'll send you an email on that day and within two weeks of that email date, a final decision will have been made on your file. Due to circumstances outside of our control, the two-week waiting period may be longer than what we stated. We will keep all applicants updated on any delays to their file.

DSA Retreats

Q: What is a DSA Retreat?

A: A DSA Retreat (short for Do Something Amazing) is a 24 hour overnight retreat where you can learn why the youth of Canada needs to hear the message of Christ's love and mercy, how you can personally change the lives of over 20,000 youth, and how to discern God's call for your life.

Q: Where & When is it?

A: Each year NET Canada hosts DSA Retreats all across Canada in between the months of January to April in most major areas. Each year we try and expand to new regions to accommodate our applicant demographics.

Q: Who can go?

A: Anyone between the ages of 17-29 who are interested in learning more about NET and its mission. Whether you are applying to NET or not we encourage you to come and learn about our calling as Catholics to evangelize as we provide an immersive retreat experience and tools to help your discernment.

Q: I'm applying to NET Canada, do I have to go to a DSA Retreat?

A: Yes! It is mandatory for all NET applicants to attend the DSA Retreat closest to them. A few exceptions:

  • If you are an International Applicant, you do not need to attend a DSA Retreat but you may be asked to go to the nearest NET Office in your country (if there is) to meet some NET Staff.
  • If it is unreasonable or not possible for you to get to the closest DSA Retreat to you, please contact the Recruiting Team at least 1 month prior to the date of said DSA Retreat to discuss alternate resolutions.
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