Q: What is a DSA Retreat?

A: A DSA Retreat (short for Do Something Amazing) is a 24 hour overnight retreat where you can learn why the youth of Canada needs to hear the message of Christ's love and mercy, how you can personally change the lives of over 20,000 youth, and how to discern God's call for your life.

Q: Where & When is it?

A: Each year NET Canada hosts DSA Retreats all across Canada in between the months of January to April in most major areas. Each year we try and expand to new regions to accommodate our applicant demographics.

Q: Who can go?

A: Anyone between the ages of 17-29 who are interested in learning more about NET and its mission. Whether you are applying to NET or not we encourage you to come and learn about our calling as Catholics to evangelize as we provide an immersive retreat experience and tools to help your discernment.

Q: I'm applying to NET Canada, do I have to go to a DSA Retreat?

A: Yes! It is mandatory for all NET applicants to attend the DSA Retreat closest to them. A few exceptions:

  • If you applied after the DSA retreat season, the recruiting departement will figure out another way to meet or video call you.
  • If you are an International Applicant, you do not need to attend a DSA Retreat but you may be asked to go to the nearest NET Office in your country (if there is) to meet some NET Staff.
  • If it is unreasonable or not possible for you to get to the closest DSA Retreat to you, please contact the Recruiting Team at least 1 month prior to the date of said DSA Retreat to discuss alternate resolutions.
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    OTTAWA | FEB. 1-2
    VANCOUVER | FEB. 22-23
    LONDON | MAR. 8-9
    SASKATOON | MAR. 8-9


      CALGARY | MAR. 1-2 WINNIPEG | MAR 1-2
     HALIFAX | MAR. 15-16
    TORONTO | FEB. 15-16