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Do Something adventurous., extraordinary., fulfilling., great., Amazing.


Our missionaries reach out and pray with over 20,000 youth all across Canada each year. We invite each youth to encounter Christ in a personal manner by proclaiming the Gospel through our testimonies and witnesses. Just as it is the Church's deepest identity to evangelize, each of our NET Missionaries carry the urgency of inviting all whom they meet to have a personal relationship with Jesus.


Every NET Missionary goes through 5 weeks of intensive training in preparation for their 8 month long ministry. They will gain a deeper understanding of their faith and learn to effectively communicate it through talks and testimonies. Our missionaries will be trained in leadership and team building skills, retreat and discipleship ministry, establishing a foundation for youth ministry, the Kerygma, self knowledge and assessment, communication skills, and much more.

Team Life

We recognize the powerful witness of brothers and sisters serving together in love and mutual respect and striving to form community from which mission can flow. Each team is composed of 6-12 missionaries who strive to grow in personal holiness while encouraging their teammates to become the best version of themselves. As Matt Fradd puts it, "It's peer pressure to become a Saint".

The Process

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STEP 3: Send it in

DSA (Do Something Amazing) Retreats are annual retreats that occur all across Canada. Conducted by NET Staff members, young adults are invited to a 24-hour overnight retreat experience where they can be equipped with tools for youth ministry and evangelization, learn what it means to be a missionary, and experience how NET is something truly amazing.